Vision Surveillance Workers Compensation Services Sunshine Coast

Workers Compensation

Have you got a workplace injury claim that you are not sure originated in the workplace? or you feel is being exaggerated? With over 2200 surveillance investigations completed to date both here on the Sunshine Coast and throughout the state, we are surveillance specialists.

We can discreetly divulge the truth by investigating the persons “away from work activities” while keeping you fully informed throughout the surveillance process allowing you to confidently make informed decisions and progress your case towards a successful outcome.

Vision Surveillance Investigation Services Sunshine Coast

Surveillance Investigations

  • Corporate and commercial

  • Workers compensation

  • Income protection/Life insurance

  • Motor vehicle personal injury claims

  • Public Liability

  • Employee & logistics monitoring
  • Desktop reports
  • Employee theft surveillance

  • Family law

  • Infidelity investigations

  • Franchisee surveillance investigations

  • Sunshine Coast PI
Vision Surveillance Income Protection Services Sunshine Coast

Income Protection

Income protection surveillance investigations require a special type of investigator that can not only maintain the upmost discretion for the long haul, but continue to covertly collect detailed information on an ongoing basis regarding the persons activities while keeping you fully informed throughout the surveillance process allowing you to make confident and detailed decisions with the case at hand.

Vision Surveillance Public Liability Services Sunshine Coast


We have completed numerous public liability personal injury investigations over many years, both here on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland. So whether it’s a slip and fall injury or something much more serious, our surveillance specialists use only the most up to date surveillance equipment on the market to collect evidence with the utmost discretion, allowing you to then comprehensively assess the detailed information presented.

Vision Surveillance Employee Monitoring Services Sunshine Coast

Employee Monitoring

Have you got an employee or ex employee, contractor or associate threatening your workplace? or generally making things difficult for you and your staff or business? our highly trained staff can not only discreetly monitor their daily activity, but keep you fully informed of their movements in real time allowing you to comprehensively evaluate the detailed evidence at hand and take the necessary precautions needed in these delicate situations. With over 23 years surveillance experience both here on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Queensland, we have successfully completed many of these investigations.

Vision Surveillance Logistic Services Sunshine Coast

Logistics Monitoring

Something not adding up with a staff member/driver/sales representative? We can covertly monitor a staff member and provide you with detailed reporting of unscheduled stops and locations visited while discreetly collecting information on the staff members movements, allowing you to reconcile your records and confirm your suspicions one way or the other. So whether you require a private investigator at Coolum or Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Gympie or the Cooloola Coast, Wide Bay Area, Nerang at the Gold Coast, or in another part of Queensland, we have you covered.