When you hear the words ‘private investigator’, the chances are that visions of Hollywood movie spies and hardboiled detective novel characters come to mind, so it might surprise you to know that there are probably private detectives in every town in the country!

In its most basic form, being a private investigator simply means providing an investigative service when avenues like the police force have either already been explored or aren’t an option to begin with.

The work can be varied and interesting, but here at Vision Surveillance we think there is definitely truth in the notion that you need to be a special and specific kind of person in order to be successful.

Here are some of the key characteristics that is takes to make a great private investigator.


It is essential for a private investigator to be a trustworthy person, someone that people instinctively feel they can confide in. When half of the job is trying to extract sensitive information to solve clues, it is vital that a PI is someone that people feel comfortable talking to.


PIs need to have an inquisitive nature. They need to be able to ask probing questions to dig into a case to find routes to the answers they seek. The curiosity should be linked to an interest in human nature and why people act and react as they do.


If a task was easy to complete, there would be no need for a PI in the first place. Persistence and the will to keep going when a dead end has been reached is key for a good investigator. More than half of the job will be following leads that don’t go anywhere, you have to be committed to staying on task.


A private investigator absolutely has to have a passion for what they do, because there will be a lot of time spent doing the more ‘mundane’ tasks like admin and general document searching etc. It’s all about loving the process just as much as loving the final result, because the process will be much, much longer!


Private investigators need to be creative in their approach because for certain mysteries and tasks all of the traditional and expected routes will already have been explored. Sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to be able to crack a case.

So, if you are someone who is currently in need of help that matches those characteristics, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. A member of the team will always be ready to hear your story and put a plan in place to ensure that you get the results that you are seeking.